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Legendary Enmei Ultimate Renewing Cream,

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Legendary Enmei Ultimate Renewing Cream
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Future Solution LX

Legendary Enmei Ultimate Renewing Cream

Luxuriously formulated with Enmei Herb, Green Treasured Silk and 12 rare... ingredients, distils nature’s own cell regeneration potential: reverse 12 signs of aging* and return to firm young skin.

*12 signs of aging include roughness, oxidation, uneven skin tone, dark spots, decline in micro-circulation, loss of softness, sagging, loss of resilience, wrinkles, loss of vitality, dryness and decline in barrier function.

Future Solution LX Legendary Enmei Ultimate Renewing Cream will be packed in red box gift packaging when delivery.


Item No. 1011649930


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  • HK$3,700 / 50mL

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Expect Renewed Definition

Facial contours, the key to the face’s overall impression. Infused with energy and supported by a process of constant regeneration.

Nature’s Precious Gems

Legendary Enmei herb
Mount Koya is rich in nature’s abundant power. It was in the mountain’s green foothills that SHISEIDO researchers re-discovered the legendary botanical treasure, Enmei herb, fabled for its anti-aging properties.
Green Treasured Silk
Nurtured in the lush mountain forests, Green Treasured Silk is believed to have been first cultivated by the Japanese Empress, creating the divine materials with exquisite lustre. SHISEIDO technology extracts the quintessence of Green Treasured Silk, to energize skin with the dewy mask of translucent aurora.
Unparalleled Regenerative Power from Nature
Two rare and precious ingredients harnessing the life force of nature. Together, they help to enhance skin’s ability to regenerate, reverse 12 signs of aging and return to firm young skin.
A method designed to help awaken your true nature. The mindful sequence invites you to take time for inner reflection while taking care of your outer self.
After softener, smooth the cream over your face.
Warm some more cream in your hands and inhale deeply.
Tilt your head down and exhale deeply. Inhale deeply and glide your thumbs along your jawline, from chin to ear. Repeat 2x.

Exhale deeply and place your index fingers vertically along your laugh lines.

Inhale deeply as you push your cheeks toward your ears. Repeat 2x.

With 4 fingers below each eye, exhale deeply.

Inhale deeply, sliding them up toward your temples.

Repeat 2x.

With 4 fingers below each brow, exhale deeply.

Inhale deeply, gliding them over your forehead and toward the hairline.

With your palm, apply cream to your neck using an upward stroke, then glide it down over your shoulder and across your chest. Repeat on the other side.
A Complete Experience of Legendary Luxury
  • Cleanser
  • Softener
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Eye care