Total Regenerating Cream (Refill)

  • New Arrival
Total Regenerating Cream (Refill),

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Total Regenerating Cream (Refill)
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Total Regenerating Cream (Refill)

  • New Arrival
SHISEIDO’s ultimate premium care. Skin revitalization throughout the night, for firm resilience and a brilliant glow. More Details


Item No. 10121265101
SHISEIDO’s ultimate premium care. Skin revitalization throughout the night, for firm resilience and a brilliant glow. More Details



Size : 50mL

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eShop Limited Special Offer! Get FUTURE SOLUTION LX Infinite Treatment Primer Special Set (Worth HK$890) with HK$520 to enjoy Extra Rich Cleansing Foam 10ml, ULTIMUNE 10ml & Uplifting Eye Mask 2 pairs! To help protect and hydrate skin while correcting the appearance of dullness, uneven tone and pores!
Total Regenerating Cream (Refill),
Total Regenerating Cream (Refill)


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Containing powerful botanical ingredients including the precious ENMEI herb, Total Regenerating Cream intensely plumps, smooths and moisturizes skin throughout the night. Taking a multifaceted approach to improving skin's beauty quality, this revolutionary night cream enhances skin barrier function, works to restore daytime damage*, and improves firmness by regenerating your beauty from within. Awake to a brilliant glow for truly timeless beauty.

  • Skin Type

    All skin types

  • Scent

    White floral
    Top notes:Bergamot, Quince, Green note
    Middle notes:Hamanasu, Sakura, Ume
    Bottom notes:Musk, Amber, Woody

  • Period of Use

    About 2.5 months

  • Texture

    Melting, smooth, rich texture

  • Note

    Packaging* contains at least 30% recycled materials**.​

*jar except cap
**recycled glass​
How to use
  • Apply 2 pearl-sized drops to your fingertips with the spatula, and dot on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Spread the cream from the center of the face outwards 2-3 times. Then, gently compress the face with both hands. For use on the neck area, apply 2 pearl-sized drops to your palm and dot on the sides of the neck. Using your palm, smooth the cream from the base of the neck upwards.

Refillable Jar

Infused with the timeless elegance of Kyoto’s Nishijin textiles, the jar is a work of art in itself. Now in a refillable form, enjoy timeless beauty imbued with the values of longevity and sustainability.

Ever-evolving Beauty
Ever-growing Brilliance and Resilience

A new frontier in SHISEIDO's research, revealing skin’s timeless radiance. Unlock the power of definitive beauty factor: C.C.N.2* and the precious ENMEI herb to unleash the true potential of your skin. Discover beauty that evolves with you over a lifetime.

*Concern conscious navigators 2


Precious ENMEI

From 100 years of research comes our new beauty secret: the precious ENMEI herb. This treasured power source is now 10x more concentrated* in our revitalizing LonGenevity Complex™, amplifying your skin's resilient firmness and brilliant glow.

*Compared to Total Regenerating Cream E


Indulgently Luxurious Texture

The luxurious rich, smooth texture of Total Regenerating Cream penetrates gently into the skin overnight, for optimal moisturizing and revitalizing results.


Efficacy Results

Clinically proven to improve sagging of facial contours, under eyes, cheeks and nasolabial folds

Visual Assessment tested on 32 females

In 1 week, 82% feel the skin looks more brilliant and resilient

Consumer tested on 107 females

In 1 week, 86% feel the skin looks extremely brilliant and resilient from within

Consumer tested on 101 females using the new FUTURE SOLUTION LX products


Combining cutting-edge skin science with traditional Japanese values and ingredients, FUTURE SOLUTION LX focuses on luxurious skin transformation. Celebrate your skin, and embrace a beauty which transcends time.


Longevity of
Art & Culture Enduring traditions and craftmanship

The packaging of FUTURE SOLUTION LX is inspired by exquisite Japanese craftmanship. The Total Regenerating Cream, our ultimate icon is infused with the sublime elegance of Kyoto’s Nishijin textiles as a lid design with beauty as timeless as radiant skin.

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